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LOFT Polished concrete wall coating 33040

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Size: 3 litre plastic container
Coverage: 3 litres = ±162 ft²
Drying time: ±4hours
Clean-up: With water
VOC: 2g / liter

Polished concrete appearance paint specially designed for an urban and contemporary atmosphere. Better and easier than polished concrete faux finish, LOFT polished concrete wall coating, gives that amazing polished concrete look in a few simple steps. It's the next best thing to real polished concrete!
Its ease of use enables its application to walls, floors, work surfaces, bathrooms, including the shower.

How to Video (in French only)


Loft Polished Concrete can be used on all sound, clean and dry perfectly smooth surfaces (in particular plasterboard strips).

On walls

Apply a coat of Primer for wall coatings using a paint roller.

On worktops and wall tiles

Apply a coat of Primer for worktops or tiles.
To go from a tile surface to a smooth one, apply the Smoothing primer.

Follow the recommendations given on the Primer cans.
Do not apply to wallpaper. Do not use on PVC shower stalls.


Stir well before use. Apply a very thin and even coat of Loft Polished concrete using a stainless steel float (the primer may be visible here and there).
Warning : In case of a too thick coat, fine cracks may appear.
Allow to dry for ±4 hours before applying a second very thin layer, in a criss-cross motion and burnishing with the edge of the float to obtain a very smooth surface.


Allow to dry for ±8 hours and polish with very fine Steel wool 000. In North American stores : 0000 steel wool.


On walls : (optional on walls at no risk from water splashes)

Use Waxed protector for LOFT polished concrete.
Use Matt protector for LOFT polished concrete.

In the bathroom and kitchen, MANDATORY in the shower our countertops :

Use Protector for LOFT polished concrete - Shower .

Important : the Protectors slightly diminish the effects of the Loft Polished Concrete

Color chart shown on his page is for representation only.

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