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Smoothing primer 33004

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Size: 1 litres plastic container
Coverage: ±2m² / 22 ft²
Drying time: ±12 hours
Cleaning: with water
VOC: 20g/litre

Smoothing Primer is a high-coverage, white undercoat that is used for coating tiled or other uneven surfaces. It allows you to create a completely smooth surface without removing the existing material. Smoothing Primer can be painted with regular paint or wall coatings such as Loft Polished Concrete or resin.


Wash, rinse and dry surface completely before applying Smoothing Primer.


Mix thoroughly before using. Apply a first coat of Smoothing Primer with a roller and immediately smooth over any bumps with a stainless steel float. Let dry for ±12 hours. Apply the second coat with the float and smooth again to ensure a uniform surface.

Finish:Allow to dry at least 12 hours before applying the finish of your choice.

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