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Loft Metal base 33470

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Size: 2 liter plastic container
Coverage: 2 liter = ±125 sq.ft.
Drying time: ±8hours
Clean-up: With water
VOC: 2g / liter

Loft Metal base is the base coat for Loft Metal effect. Combined with Loft Metallization, Loft Metal gives a contemporary industrial look to your interior.
Easy to apply, it can be used on walls, floors, countertops, and bathrooms with the appropriate protector.

How to apply :


Loft Metal can be used on all sound, clean, and dry perfectly smooth surfaces (in particular plasterboard strips).

On walls

Apply a coat of Primer for wall coatings using a paint roller.

On worktops and wall tiles

Apply a coat of Primer for worktops or tiles.
To go from a tile surface to a smooth one, apply the Smoothing primer.

Follow the recommendations given on the Primer cans.
Do not apply to wallpaper. Do not use on PVC shower stalls.


Stir well before use. Apply Loft Metal base with a stainless steel trowel or the Soft stainless steel trowel in a thin coat using a crisscross pattern. Let dry ±8h.
You can do touch-ups if the primer shows through.

It is mandatory to use Loft Metallization to obtain the final effect.


On floors, countertops, or walls with risk of water contact and in bathroom (especially shower)
Use LOFT Protector for Floors, Showers and Counter tops
Important: Protector will lessen Loft Metal effect.

Color chart shown on this page is for Loft Metal & Loft Metallization combined.

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