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Liquid Fish Glue 65000

By Waxine inc. in Glues

Size: Plastic bottle with tip 500 ml or 1 litre
Clean-up: With water
VOC: <1% / litre

This classic glue is an organic fish residue product. Perfect for wood, paper, cardboard and even leather assembly. It combines both fast tack and a longer work time, than standard glues. It has high resistance qualities and is non toxic, making it an excellent choice for all types of assemblies. Easy to sand its water-based content makes it solvent resistant.
However once dry it has a low water resistance. Fish glue is widely used by furniture restorer.
Use it alone or combined with Arabic gum to create a crazing medium.

Crazing medium:
This technique works well with water based paints like Meuble de Provence
Apply a first coat of paint to create the undercoat. This is the colour you will see when de crazing occurs. Once completely dry, apply fish glue with a small paint brush. Apply the Fish glue only where crazing is desired. The thickness of the coat of Fish glue will determine the size of the cracks. The thicker the glue the bigger the cracks. If finer crack are wanted, the glue may be diluted with warm water to thin it down before applying it.
Once the glue is partially dry, apply rapidly a coat of paint. Crazing will start almost immediately. Results may vary depending on the paint's pigment concentration.
To accentuate the crazing apply a tinted oil or a Buffing wax.
See Arabic gum for another crazing technique.

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