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Meuble de Provence furniture paints 13310

By Les Décoratives in Paints for Furniture


Size: 500 ml
Coverage: ±5m² / ±53 ft²
Clean-up: With water
VOC: 30g/litER

Meubles de Provence is a decorative mineral paint. Its mat appearance invokes the authenticity and warmth of the furniture of Provence. Meubles de Provence can be used to achieve various finishing styles.


If necessary, apply a coat of special Meubles de Provence primer (White or Rustic wood) with a brush. Leave to dry for 6 hours at 20°C. Meubles de Provence is ready for use. Shake the paint well before use. The paint looks dark in the can, but the colour lightens when drying.


Apply a first undiluted coat of Meubles de Provence with a wide brush. Brush in a criss-cross motion to obtain the best results. Leave to dry for 3 hours at 20°C.

Uniform aspect: Apply a second coat if necessary.

Subtle aspect: Let the first coat dry. Dilute Meubles de Provence with 30% water, then use to make motifs with a wide brush, a sponge or painting glove.

Faded look: Let the first coat dry. Apply a second colour in the same way as the first. Leave to dry for 10 minutes or more, then using a damp sponge, rub the painted surface irregularly to reveal the first colour. You can produce the stencil designs in the same way.

Antique French Canadian look: With a paint brush, apply a first coat of Meuble de Provence. Let the surface dry 3 hours at 20oC. Apply another colour, let dry 10 to 30 minutes. With a damp sponge, wash down the top coat in various areas imitating normal wear. It is possible to thin down Meubles de Provence with 15% water.

Finish: To enhance the contrast and to make your surface washable and resistant to stains, apply the Protector for painted furniture.

Antique French Canadian look: Apply Tinted Buffing Wax and shine using our Polishing Brush for an antique and washable surface (recommended for bathrooms and kitchens), apply our Patina for painted furniture.

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