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Oxidizer for Oxidized Steel Coating 33034-500

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Size 500ml Spray bottle
Coverage 500ml = ±32-75 pieds²
Drying time: ±2-8h
Tools cleaning Water
VOC: 0 g/l

The third step of Oxidized Style Coating, Oxidizer will create the visual rust effect that will charm all your friends.

How to video :

Preparation :

Important : All surfaces around your project have to be protected from Oxidizer, as it can cause damage to certain materials. Use gloves and safety goggles to protect yourself when applying.

Application :

Mix well before using. Vaporize the Oxidizer randomly at ±1 feet from the wall previously coated with Oxidized Steel Coating and let react. The oxidizer is a gel that sticks really well to surfaces, however, avoid over spraying, as it may cause a drip effect. Effects will appear progressively during many hours (2h to 8h). Reapply until you reach desired effect.

Clean the applicator between each application.

Protection :

24h after the last Oxidizer application, use the Oxidized Steel Protector. It is mandatory to fix the finish and make sure the wall will not become dirty upon touch.

Pictured effect is for demonstration purposes only. The final effect depends on the number of coats applied.

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