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Creme de Cire - Water-based wax 70600

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Buffing Waxes

Size: 500ml metal can
Coverage: 500ml = 5m² / 53 sq.ft.
Clean-up: With water
Maintenance: Sprayshine or, if needed, one application every 6 months.
VOC: 2.4g/liter

Crème de Cire is a water based buffing wax that produces only 0.5 gramms of C.O.V.!


Apply Creme de Cire on cleaned unfinished wood with a coton mesh.
If you choose to use the Anciens Ebenistes' antiquing stains prior to applying Creme de Cire, it is important to create a barrier between the two products. You can apply a coat of Shellac on your dry stained surface. This will provide Creme de Cire to dilute the water stain applied to the wood surface.
If wood is saturated with old coats of wax, use Wax remover to clean the surface.


Using Woodworker's polishing cotton, apply Crème de Cire to the prepared surface. Try to apply evenly, avoiding overlaps.
Let the surface dry ±30 minutes, then shine using a Polishing and buffing brush.
Use a Wax remover to remove wax from surface.

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