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Wax remover 70300

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Restauration Products

Size: 500ml can
COV: 785g/l

Removes old wax, grease, grime... from old waxed furniture and wood floors, without altering the finish. Cleans tools and paintbrushes. Wash wood after stripping with traditional strippers. Do not use on antique French-polished furniture.


Put on gloves prior to application. Apply the Wax remover generously using Woodworker's polishing cotton. Leave to stand for a few minutes without allowing to dry, then rub down furniture with Nº 00 Steel wool Les Anciens Ebénistes. Change the pad as soon as it becomes encrusted with dirt. Before drying, remove dirt and wax with a new piece of Woodworker’s Polishing cotton. Leave to dry for ±30 min.

Finishing : Wax wood floors with Liquid wax, or wax furniture with Buffing wax Les Anciens ebénistes. For a varnished or preservative coating finish, all traces of wax must be thoroughly removed.

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