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Caustic Soda 64114

By Waxine inc. in Chemicals and Mordants

Size: 250 or 500grams

Caustic Soda is a mordant used to give an aged look to untreated wood. It is used mostly on mahogany, hickory and walnut. The colour effects will range from greenish-yellow to greenish-brown depending on the type of wood and tint desired.
It can be used instead of potassium dichromate.


Dilute in warm water until achieving the colour preferred (5 grams/250 ml warm water). Test colour on a piece of scrap wood.
The wood surface must be clean and dry. Wear gloves.
Once the surface has been treated to the desired effect, neutralize by rinsing the area with clean water.

Finish: Apply buffing wax, oil or varnish to protect the wood surface.

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