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French Polish Restorer 20303

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Restauration Products

Finishing : Mild finish cleanser
Size: 500 ml can
COV: 569g/l

Restores worn and bleached "French" polish. Polishes out fine scratches and marks. Restores the original shine and deposits a layer of shellac.

Application :

Wear gloves. Shake the tin prior to use. Soak a piece of Woodworker's Polishing cotton in French Polish Restorer and gradually rub onto the surface using circular movements. When the Woodworker's Polishing cotton sticks to the surface, the shine and depth appears. It is this generated heat that permits the varnish and shellac contained in the French Polish Restorer to blend. Keep rubbing until the cloth moves freely over the surface, then quickly remove the Polishing cotton. Do not touch the surface until 1 or 2 hours later. I
MPORTANT : Never apply French polish restorer with a paintbrush.

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