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Brou de Noix 555

By Waxine inc. in Wood Stains

Size : 125 and 250 grams, 1 kg and 25 kilos
Clean-up : With water
VOC: 0g/litre

Film-forming stain, easy to apply, giving the stained surface an attractive clear colour in just one coat. Brou de noix does not conceal the grain of the wood. For indoor and outdoor use. USE ONLY ON WOOD EXEMPT FROM WAX OR VARNISH.

Suggested dilutions

From clear to darker shades: 15g to 150g per litre of warm water.


Wood must be clean and dry. Dissolve with warm water. The quantity of pigments used will depend upon desired shade of brown. Saturate a Woodworker’s Polishing Cotton or brush with the Brou de noix mixture and apply to surface, following the direction of the wood grain. Wipe excess with clean Woodworker’s Polishing Cotton. Allow 45 to 60 minutes for surface to dry. Once completely dry, protect with a Buffing wax, shellac, varnish or an oil finish. Once diluted, store away from direct sunlight.

Finishing : Protect the stained surface with a Buffing wax, shellac, varnish or an oil finish. If applied outdoors, it must be protected with an appropriate finish. Do not apply a water-based varnish for it might dilute the Brou de noix.

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