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Natural Bitumen 65006

By Waxine inc. in Dry Pigments

Size: 100 gr, 200 gr, and 400 gr and 1 kilo

Natural bitumen is used for coloring wood. It can be used to color natural oils, glazes, waxes and oil based varnishes. Natural bitumen is an organic pigment that easily adheres to stone, wood and metal (old hardware).

This is a great pigment to discover. It is often used to create an old, worn out effect to many surfaces. Use it on milk paints or Meuble de Provence paints. It can also be a part of buffing waxes recipes or oil varnishes. Great with lind seed glazes or any siccative vegetal oils. Add to Thung oil in the first coat to give wood floors an antique look.

Directions for use:

Combine the Natural Bitumen with a vegetable or petroleum solvent and add to your choice of oil to color the wood.
Important: Apply stained oil only in the first layer. Bitumen are compatible with all siccative oils.

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