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Natural Earth Pigments 60300

By Les Décoratives in Dry Pigments

Size: Plastic jar 250ml - sold by volume, different shades may vary by weight

Natural mineral pigments from south of France. Widely used by artists and craftsmen to color stains, paints, glazes(oil glaze or water based glaze), waxes and wall coatings (Argile). Their rich colors are exceptionally resistant to fading due to UV sun rays.


Mix your pigment with a small quantity of you solvent (paint, glaze,...). Mix well untill a uniform paste is obtain. Then, mix your colored pasted to the rest of your product.


If you choose to use natural pigments "Terres Naturelles" and are using more than one jar, you should mix the pigments together before adding to the chosen product (paint, wall coating, wax,..). This will assure a uniform color. Natural pigments may slightly varry from one vein to the other, therefore, we cannot guarantee identical colors from one jar to the other.

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