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Oxidized Steel Protector 33035

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Format: 1 litre container
Coverage: 1 litre = ±150 pieds²
Drying: ±4h
Tools cleaning: Water
VOC: 10 g/l

Last step of the Oxidized Steel Finish, the protector will stop the Oxidizer effect and make sure your wall will stay beautiful for years to come. Go on the Oxidized Steel Coating page to watch an application video.

Preparation :

Make sure that 24h passed since your last Oxydizer application.

Application :

Shake well before using. Apply a thin and regular coat of Protector for Oxydized Steel with a foam roller in an irregular pattern. Smooth out protector constantly to avoid creating wither zones with a spatula Let dry ±4h.

Professionnal Advice :

If you find that your roller is getting filled up with rust dust, don't hesitate to wipe it out with a towel. You will notice that the protector is darkening the surface while you apply it. Don't worry, it is normal and will lighten back when dry.

Pictured effect is for demonstration purposes only. Final effect depends on number of coats applicated.

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