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Platine furniture paint 33181

By Les Décoratives in Paints for Furniture

Size: 500 ml
Drying time: ±4hrs
Coverage: ±5m² / ±53 ft²
Clean-up: With water
VOC: 30g/liter

Platine is a smooth and glossy paint for furniture and woodwork. It can apply to wood, metal, formica and plastic covered with a coat of Primer for Platine.


Sand and remove dust. It is imperative to apply a coat of Primer for Platine whose red colour will itensify Platine. Allow to dry ±2hrs


Stir well the paint before use.
Smooth finish: Apply Platine using a paintbrush, a small glosspaint or a varnish roller (±100mm). Allow to dry ±4 hours. Lightly sand the surface with very fine sandpaper, then apply a second coat of Platine.
Golf leaf finish: The application is the same but using a lacquer roller, without sanding between the 2 coats. Apply the second coat with small cris-cross movements.

Stylist's tip:

Bring a persanal touch by adding a baroque stencil.

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