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Waterbased crazing paint 20213

By Les Décoratives in Paints for Furniture

2 steps white paint that gives the worn out look off crazing porcelain.


Crazing paint can be used on wood, paper, paint, plaster, earthenware, porcelain, etc... It may also be applied on some plastics, test before applying to entire plastic surface.

Application :

First apply two coats of base coat (Primaire). If you want, you can tint this base coat with a maximum of 5% of universal coloring or leave it white. Let the surface dry 1 hour between coats. On raw wood it might take a third application of Primaire.
The second part of the process must be done at least 2 hours after the application of the final coat of Primaire. Working rapidly, apply a generous coat of Crazing Paint (Peinture Craquelée). Once again, this paint can be left white or tinted with up to 5% universal coloring.
Important : These paints are white and adding universal colorings will only give pastel shades. If you overload (more than 5%) it might keep the Crazing paint to react and crack. If this problem occurs, striping the paint and starting over is the only solution.
Note : Quickly clean your tools with acetone and then use a mild soap. The Crazing effect will start 30 minutes after the application of the top coat and will continue for several hours. It is not possible to predict or control the final results of Crazing Paint. The cracks will appear in an aleatory manner.
Tip: To obtain finer crazing, thin down the crazing paint with 10% of acetone.

How to video (in french only)

Size: 2 Kits are available: 250 ml or 500ml.
Shade: White

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