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Frosted glass varnish 20215

By Les Décoratives in Stencils

This Frosted glass varnish is a easy and inexpensive way to create sandblasted look-alikes. With a glue on stencils you can embelish glass, windows, doors and mirors. It is washable with mild detergents and is removable with acetone.


Shake the spray can well. Frosted glass varnish is to by apply on clean and dry surfaces. First apply the desired stencil on your surface. Protect all exposed area with paper and tape. From a 20 to 30 cm distance, start spraying the inside of the stencil with Frosted glass varnish . Let dry ±10 minutes. You can obtain a negetive image by spraying Sprayshine first. You then remove your stencil and spray with Frosted glass varnish your entire surface. Let dry ±10 minutes. Then, meticulously scrape off the inside of the image. Use a rag or a extra smooth stell wool (000). The Sprayshine is oily and will not stick to the surface making this process possible.

Format: 150 ml spray can

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