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Design Stain 50119

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Wood Stains

Water based stain for wood with acrylic resin and color component. Apply indoors or outdoors on all untreated or stripped wood. Design stain is mat, water resistant and can be left without protection.
If used outdoors, protect with a varnish or an appropriate finish.


Surfaces must be clean and dry. Wear gloves.


Shake the thin well prior to use. Apply the Design Stain liberally and evenly using Woodworker's polishing cotton. To even out the shade, wipe the excess using a clean polishing cotton.
Leave to dry ±20 mn , then rub down the surface using N° 000 Steel wool .

Size: 500ml metal can
Coverage: 500ml = ± 7 m² / ± 75 sq.ft.
Clean-up: Water
Drying time: ± 20 minutes
Finishing: This stain does not require any finishing. If desired, for extra protection or shine, apply a Buffing wax or a varnish.

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