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Water based wood sealer 80562

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Wood Sealers

Protection against stains and the build-up of dirt. Enhances the shine on new and antique wood. Based on an acrylic emulsion, the water-based Wood sealer seals the pores of the wood and makes the surface impermeable. It is used on wood surface that can come into contact with water and household products, such as in kitchen and bathrooms.


For use on wood that is clean, dry and free of grease. For waxed wood, treat first using Wax remover Les Anciens Ebénistes.
For new or untreated wood, it may be stained before applying the Water based Wood sealer. Use Waxine's Deco Tint. Water based stains are not recommended for they might be deluted be the wood sealer.


Shake content well before use. Apply a first even coat using a fine paint brush. Apply following the wood's grain. Leave to dry for ±1h, then remove any surface roughness with a pad of N°000 Steel Wool. Dust off. Apply a second coat of Wood sealer.

Finishing : Buffing wax, Liquid wax, Rapid French polish.
Size : 500ml can
COV: 6g/l

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