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Worktop Oil 50001

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Oils

Made from natural vegetable oil, the Worktop Oil maintains and protects your unvarnished and unpolished wook, indoors. Clear and non-greasy, it lets the wood breathe and makes your surface resistant to stains and moisture. You can apply this oil after a stain.


Your wood must be clean and dry.


Wear gloves before application. Shake the can before use and mix with a spatula. Apply the Worktop Oil generously using Polishing cotton following wood's grain. Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours, and rub the surface with 000 Steel Wool to smooth it. Wipe clean, then, apply a second coat of Worktop Oil.
Important: This product is health safe 24 hours after applying.

Care: When the oiled surface becomes dull, scrub with 000 steel wool and apply another coat of Worktop Oil.

Size: 450 ml metal container

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