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Teak and Exotic Wood Renovator 70123

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Restauration Products

Size: 500ml plastic bottle with safety cap
COV: 328g/l

Easily restores original colour to teak that has gone grey with age and due to intemperate weather. Removes old coats of French wood oil. Does not work on varnished wood.


Do not use in direct sunlight. Wear gloves. Shake the tin prior to use. Soak a pad of Anciens Ébénistes' N°00 Steel Wool in Teak renovator, then rub in the direction of the wood grain. Rinse with a piece of Woodworker's Polishing cotton soaked in Teak renovator. Dry in ±1h.

Warning: This product contains Oxalic acid. Keep away from any metal parts of your furniture.

Finishing: Wait 24 h, before applying French wood oil.

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