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Liquid Staining Wax 70200

By Les Anciens Ébenistes in Wood Stains

Based on wax and natural colorants, Liquid Staining Wax stains unfinished wood deep into the wood's fibres, in a single application. It is designed for indoor use only to achieve a satin, non-washable, waxed finish.


Wood must be clean, dry and free of grease. Wear gloves.


Shake the tin prior to use. Apply the Liquid staining wax liberally and evenly using Woodworker's Polishing cotton or a paintbrush. Wipe over the Liquid staining wax with Woodworker's polishing cotton before it dries so as to obtain an even colour. If colour is missing from one area, or for repairs, apply the Liquid staining wax liberally to the area to be matched up and then wipe over. Leave to dry for 2 hours and then rub down the surface using Buffing and Polishing brush. Marks or dark patches can be removed after application by rubbing with a Polishing Cotton wick dipped in Liquid wax or Buffing wax.

Size:500ml metal can
Coverage: 500ml = ± 7 m² / ±75 sq.ft.
Clean-up: With water
Drying time: ±2 hours

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