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Primer for textured paints 3342

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Renenforced with titanium, the Special Opaque Primer offers great coverage and is an essential part of wall decorating.

In neutral white, it is specially made to give support to Textured decorative paints. It seals dusty surfaces and permits the decorative paints to cling to the wall. Also with a well installed base coat like this one, a lesser amount of decorative product will be needed to cover the surface. Recommended for these paints and coatings: Metaliz and Paillet'
Special Opaque Primer will keep rust stains away, will facilitate decorative paint application and will permit to eventualy remove the decorative coat with a wall paper stripper.


Make sure your surface is clean and dry. With a large paint brush or roller, apply one or two coats of "Special Opaque Primer" (Primaire opacifiante) made specially for textured paints from "Les Décoratives".
Let the painted surface dry completely ±6 hours at 20°C.
Do not apply on wall paper.
Do not apply oil paint on this primer.

Size: 2,5 and 5 litres plastic containers.
Colour : White
Coverage: 5 L = ±50 m² / 540ft²
Cleaning: Water
Drying time: ±30minutes

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