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Asia Paint 33610

By Les Décoratives in Paints for Furniture

Asia is a water based paint, giving a glossy and slick look to furniture and woodworks. Its vibrant and deep color palette evokes chineese lakers. Apply Asia on unfinished wood, varnished, painted and even laminate surfaces.


Sand and clean. Mix content well prior to use.
Using a good quality paint brush apply a first coat of Asia.
Let the surface dry ±4hours, using extra fine sand paper, lightly sand the surface, wipe clean and apply a second coat of Asia. Let the surface dry ±4hours. Depending on the surface, a third coat mignt be necessary.

Tip from our stylist
Combine to one of our Asiatic stencils to complete an asiatic look.

Size: 500ml
Drying time: ±4 hours
Coverage: ±7 m² / 75ft²

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