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Murs d'Été 3340-12

By Les Décoratives in Wall Coatings

Murs d'Été is a white, water-based interior wall coating. Colored with a coat of Decorative coating wax, it produces a traditional Mediterranean look.
Becauses it hides imperfection, it is ideal for decorating old walls. Can be removed with a wallpaper stripper, like wallpaper!
It is ready to use and great results can be easily obtained.

Murs du Marais should be installed on clean and dry walls.


Murs d'Été is ready to use. Mix content well.
With a large paint brush or roller, apply one or two coats of Primer for wall coatings.
Let the painted surface dry completely ±6 hours at 20°C.
Do not apply on wall paper.


Using a plastic float or a large spalter brush, apply a thin coat of Murs d'Été. Apply your coating on surfaces of approx 3 to 4 m2. Then, using your clean float or brush, create the desired pattern. Make sure you keep regular, even strokes for the whole wall. We suggest you start in an upper corner of you wall and work your way down diagonally to the opposite lower corner.
Dry in ±24 h.

Coloring (optionnal):

Once Murs du Marais is completely dry, you can color it with Decorative coating Wax. These specially made waxes are semi-translucent. It will give charm and accentuate your textured wall. Available in a large variety of shades, you can apply one on top of another or mix two (or more!) shades to create your personnal color. The combinations are endless... You can also add color directely in Murs d'Été before application. To do so use Decorative Coating Wax (max 3 containers), Universal pigments or Natural Earth pigments.

Application of the Decorative Coating Wax:

Using a large brush (spalter) or a natural sponge (recomended), apply a small quantity of wax on you dry surface. Use irregular stokes, circular mouvements, working on small areas at one time. Drying time 3 to 6 hours.


If you wish to make the surface water and stain resistant, apply one coat of translucent Wall Patina.

Size: 12kg plastic container.
Coverage: approx 200sqf
Colour: White
VOC: 5g/liter

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